Health & Weight Loss Tips For Women


It took years of research and millions of dollars to prove what the average person already knows. Men lose weight faster than women. Women face a lot of pressure to stay slim. They are bombarded by the media and other sources to stay skinny. However, weight changes and fluctuation in weight are normal for the average woman. They get pregnant and have to lose the baby fat. They go through menopause, and find that it is difficult to even maintain their current weight. Men are different. Understanding this could help women lose weight faster.

Don’t Compare

The best way for a woman to really lose weight is to stop comparing her weight loss to her spouse or another male friend. Women often get exasperated because their male counterpart loses weight faster. Here is something to consider. Women have more body fat than men. Men naturally have more muscle. Fat is much more difficult to lose than muscle. The older a woman gets, the more muscle that she loses. Muscles are key to stopping weight gain. Here is why: Muscles burn more energy. Fat burns much less energy.

Aging Women Need Exercise

Older women might find that they are gaining more weight. This is partially due to inactivity and the aging process. Women lose muscle as they age. They also gain more body fat. Therefore, it is important to work that body and burn more energy. Well, it is not necessary to run out and sign up for a gym membership. Simply try to take a few small steps to get more exercise. In other words, walk it off. Walking is an easy exercise for most people to start and to stick with for a long time. Walking does not require any equipment, simply a pair of good walking shoes. Walking is easy to do any time of the year. Of course, it is important to avoid walking in the middle of a winter blizzard or summer heat wave. Still, even walking for ten minutes a day is good for your health and burning off a few calories.


Drink Plenty of Water

The reason that many women feel hungry is because they are dehydrated. Dehydration can happen quickly, especially during hot weather. Drink plenty of water throughout the entire day. Always drink a glass of water before every meal. This will reduce the amount of food that is consumed during the meal. Thus, reducing overeating considerably.

The fact is that most women find it extremely difficult losing weight at various stages in their life. The tips included here are crucial to helping one maintain a normal weight or losing weight.