Months of Planning over in a Blink

14816194681_0ce274985f_kEven if you aren’t a bride who spent her childhood planning her wedding since the moment she could flip through a magazine the amount of time brides spend planning their wedding is overwhelming. The countless hours spent pouring over color palettes alone is enough for any self professed DIYer to seek professional help. These brides some times face ridicule from their diehard DIYer friends and forum members but until your in the thick of planning it’s hard to see why the bride may have sought out professional help.

With wedding expo’s at least once a month and Pinterest at the bride’s finger tips many begin to second guess their choices. While Pinterest is a great tool, for the beginning stages of plan, bride’s have been know to envy what others have and surpass their budget. Whether you have chosen to work with a planner or not, when the bride had made a selection for her wedding, she should only keep that pin on her board and if at all possible replace it with the real thing. This way there isn’t anything left of the Dream Board making it impossible for her to be left broken hearted wondering “What if my center pieces were different?”

Being realistic with a budget at the beginning will save a lot of heart ache and fighting with your fiancĂ©. Planning your wedding should be a happy time where the two of you work together at becoming a couple. Though it may be hard to ignore outside advice, they’re just that, outside advice. If White Anemones are out of your budget don’t let this become a fight there are plenty of other flowers, such as the White Gerbera Daisy, that will look just as stunning in your pictures.

When it comes to picking a photographer don’t just look at the samples he or she may have set out at the expo. Be sure to set belgian-american-wedding-16.jpgup a meeting and ask to look at before and after pictures so you may have a full understanding of their work. Every bride has a different taste for what type of pictures she may be looking for. It is worthwhile to research a verity of photographers for more than their budget. These images are going to be all that’s left after everything is said and done. Most brides have said if it wasn’t for their photographer they would have missed all the details they painstakingly worked on.

A money-saver that many couples look over is the discount offered for the marriage license for attending premarital counseling. This is one of the most important things that future couple can do in preparation for the big day. If the couple is religious many places of worship offer free premarital counseling sessions. Many couples have said after the wedding these sessions were the only time that they focused on what was truly important, because when you strip away the dress and forget about the party, you’re really there for one thing. Marrying the love of your life.